For ten years, Matt Forte was up to mischief in the National Football League – maltreating as many of his opponents’ running backs as a running back. Now the 32-year-old has announced his retirement. He does a great job, though never enough for a Super Bowl win.

“Over the past decade, I’ve been lucky enough to be able to professionally practice the sport I’ve loved since I was six,” Matt Forte wrote in an official statement to Sports Spectrum, also distributed via Instagram and Twitter , The Running Back added, “With some distance and scrutiny, though, I have to say I’m back from football, it’s time for the workhorse to retire.”

Surely the age and the vulnerability to injury plays a role. Forte is 32, which is a late-fall running back, and suffered a chronic knee injury in the New York Jets last season. This brought him ultimately in Week 17 on the Injured Reserve.

In addition, the most recent season was by far the worst in Forte’s great career: he had to settle in N.Y. sharing mission time with Bilal Powell and Elijah McGuire – with just 103 Rushing Attempts, 381 yards and two meager touchdowns.

Overall, the bear-strong runner who switched to the jets following his long involvement in Chicago in 2016 has left powerful footprints in the NFL: Since his rookie year in 2008, he has recorded a whopping 14,468 yards. No other running back has made such a number of yards during this period – no LeSean McCoy (13,470), no Frank Gore (13,241), no Adrian Peterson (12,682).


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