Surprise from the German point of view in the NFL: The German footballer Moubarak Djeri can now make justified hopes for missions in the big US league. The 22-year-old defensive lineman has signed a contract with the Arizona Cardinals. That said the club from Glendale on Wednesday in error-free German via Twitter.

“It was a big dream of mine that has now become a reality, I’m so excited,” Moubarak Djeri is quoted on the NFL franchise website. The athlete now knows that the hardest hurdle is still ahead of him: “The NFL is much faster than the league I’ve played in. I’ll train hard and work on myself.” The German Togolese had been invited to the rehearsal training on the cards on Saturday and was able to convince the bosses.

Meanwhile, the flawless statement rate of the Arizona Cardinals on Twitter was as follows: “We have committed defensive lineman Moubarak Djeri from the German Football League!” Equipped with the attachment: “German Birdgang”.

Djeri last played for the Cologne Crocodiles in the German Football League (GFL). There he recorded in the past season twelve “sacks”, 40 tackles and forced two Fumbles. A regular season game denied so far no professional who had changed from the GFL to the NFL.


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