The first touchdown in the history of the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Playoffs was, without a doubt, definitive in the direction that the franchise and the NFL would take.
The score of Franco Harris that December 23, 1972 in the game of Divisional Round against the Oakland Raiders marked the beginning of what, perhaps, has been the most dominant dynasty in the history of the league, but, like others, was not alien to the controversy.
After the decision last Sunday to take the Steelers off the touchdown with which they would have defeated the New England Patriots in the last seconds with the correct application of a bad rule, the critics of the fans of the Steelers – and of those who hate the Patriots-have been incessant.
Probably they do not remember the way in which the “Immaculate Reception” of Harris was given in that post-season game of 1972, action of which several still question its legality.
It is the same situation that has been pointed out in relation to the birth of the Patriots dynasty with the infamous “Tuck Rule”, which broke into that game of Divisional Round of the 2000 Season, also against Raiders.
The video images of that 1972 encounter do not show conclusive and irrefutable evidence that the ball that Harris caught did not touch the floor when it fell after bouncing from the clash between Steelers wide receiver John Fuqua and Oakland safety. Jack Tatum
The video also does not offer clear evidence that the ovoid has bounced after touching Fuqua. According to the rule of that time, if in a pass the ball touched an offensive player, that player was the only one eligible to catch that shipment, but, if a defensive player touched the ball first or simultaneously with another offensive player, Any element of the offense was eligible to take the ball.

Tatum collided with Fuqua when the pass thrown by Terry Bradshaw reached the catcher and the ball bounced to where Harris was, who caught him as he fell to the floor and then run towards the end zone to score the touchdown that gave the victory to the players. Steelers 13-7.

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