Bill Belichick does not make mistakes. Well, there was one in which he authorized a team cameraman to record the signs of the New York Jets, but, come on, nobody is perfect, not even the coaches that are icons.
However, when it comes to real football, the guy is close to perfection.
Which made something remarkable when the coach of the New England Patriots admitted a few days ago that he did not use Patrick Chung as he should in the first stage of the safety with the team, which ended in 2012.
“For a combination of reasons – I would say a lot of that, mistakes I personally made – the situation did not work the way we expected,” Belichick said of Chung. “But we did well the second time.”
And sure it was.
Although overshadowed by Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski and Danny Amendola, Chung is one of the most respected players in the Patriots’ locker room. It is a great example of how a player, humble by his experience, can take advantage of a second chance.
Chung 2.0 is also an example of how a ridiculously successful coach can make his team better by admitting an error and trying to fix it. It worked so well that Belichick called Chung last week “one of the best players in the league.” Not one of the best safeties. One of the best players.
“I appreciate the compliment, but I have to make sure I do not make it look bad,” said Chung, who could have one of the key licks in Super Bowl LII against Zach Ertz, the tight end of the Philadelphia Eagles.
The Patriots believed enough in Chung to recruit him in the second round of the 2009 Draft. Used mainly as a free safety, he did not produce as the team expected, so they let him go in free agency and signed a contract for three years and $ 10 million with the Eagles to meet with their coach in Oregon, Chip Kelly.
Chung battled on the field, never seemed comfortable in the dressing room and was cut only after a season. It was a monumental failure.
“He did not like the idea of ​​being cut,” said safety Duron Harmon. “It’s something he never wanted to live again. You think you’re going to be in a bind for three years and, suddenly, you do not have the job you thought you had. ”
His partner and also safety, Devin McCourty, indicated that being cut off motivated Chung.
“As he said, ‘I have to prove to the world what it can do’. He definitely came back focused and hungry, “McCourty said.
Chung returned to the Patriots in 2014, motivated to succeed in his second stage. His colleagues say he is more cerebral and more detail oriented than the first time. In the regular season, he was second on the team in tackles (79) and added an interception and two fumbles recovered.

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