Few imagined that Bill Belichick would become perhaps the best coach in history after he was fired by the Browns in 1995 after finishing his run through Cleveland with a record of 36-44.
Not even the most optimistic thought that Tom Brady would be for many the new standard in the position of quarterback after replacing the injured Drew Bledsoe in the second week of action of his second season.

But here they are both today, for the eighth time together in a Super Bowl and being of the constant in my opinion the best dynasty (in era of salary cap) of history.
The New England Patriots will be making their tenth appearance in the decisive game, but the most incredible are the numbers in the 17 years in which Belichick and Brady have been in charge.

New England has won 15 divisional titles, played in 13 AFC Championships and has five rings.
“When they are no longer in the NFL, the fans will understand the dimension of what the New England Patriots are accomplishing,” said former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback and current analyst Ron Jaworski, regarding Belichick and Brady.
It may sound too simplistic to grant the bulk of the credit to two people when we are talking about a team sport.
However, the numbers are difficult to ignore.
Not to mention the specialists, there are only 11 players left with respect to the team of the Patriots that beat the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl three years ago.
I had to check the statistic twice about how little I believed it; We are talking about a practically complete renovation in a very short time; you will imagine that only Brady remains since 2001.

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