INDIANAPOLIS – Indianapolis Colts tight end Brandon Williams had to be removed from the field on a stretcher in the second quarter of Thursday night’s game against the Denver Broncos.
“He had movement in his limbs, he suffered a head injury,” a team spokesman said. “There was no injury to his neck and he was placed in the assist cart as a preventive measure.”

Williams, the Colts’ main backup in tight end, suffered the injury while blocking Broncos linebacker Deiontrez Mount in a punt at the start of the quarter. Both players collided and Mount seemed to try to stop Williams from falling.

Williams was on the floor the entire time the medical corps attended him. Many players from both teams were kneeling while Williams was placed on the stretcher and then the assist cart took him. The entire Colts team entered the field and approached Williams before he left the field.
Williams, who has nine receptions for 121 yards this season, saw his collegiate career come to an end in Oregon a year earlier due to a spinal injury in 2011.

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