Reaching the Super Bowl is not easy and winning it is even more difficult. Unless nobody expected you to be in it.
What Nick Foles is currently living with the Philadelphia Eagles is a movie that Tom Brady already saw and even starred 16 years ago, when, unexpectedly, he led the New England Patriots to win Super Bowl XXXVI.
In the same way Foles has done since December 2017, when he took control of the Eagles ‘offense because of Carson Wentz’s injury, Brady took charge of the Patriots’ attack after the team’s then starting quarterback, Drew Bledsoe, suffered an injury that changed the course of New England history and the NFL.

In his seven previous appearances in the Super Bowl, Brady has faced established quarterbacks: Kurt Warner with the St. Louis Rams (XXXVI edition); Jake Delhomme with the Carolina Panthers (XXXVIII); Donovan McNabb with the Eagles (XXXIX); Eli Manning with the New York Giants (XLII and XLVI); Russell Wilson with the Seattle Seahawks (XLIX) and Matt Ryan with the Atlanta Falcons (LI).
For the first time, Brady will face a quarterback who, like him 16 seasons ago, came to the Super Bowl when nobody expected him.
The general perception is that, once a team, more if it is a contender, loses its starting quarterback, the collapse is imminent. One proof is that the Eagles have not been considered favorites to win in the NFC Championship Round and Championship Game without Wentz, despite having finished with the best record of the conference.
However, there are few cases of passers who have entered the field in an emergency situation and have done what is necessary and more to keep the boat afloat and help his team win the Vince Lombardi Trophy.
Maybe it’s not having anything to lose and a lot to gain or just the shelter of a team with the necessary talent to succeed what motivates these players and makes them break into history.
Foles is one triumph of repeating the feat and rewriting the script of a film in which he can leave Brady with the supporting role.
Let’s take a look at the substitute quarterbacks who have entered emergency by injury of the holder to win everything.

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