Teddy Bridgewater is a talented quarterback, and that alone shows his values. The 25-year-old, who was drafted in 2014 in the first draft round, has so far achieved 6150 yards and 28 touchdown passes. Only 22 interceptions are also more than tidy. And so the playmaker, who turns up as a hot Iron of the Free Agency from the 14th of March (local time), will surely be in demand. But there is a shortcoming.

The end of the career was already near: The only 25 -year-old Bridgewater was in his three-year NFL career already on the brink. The quarterback had injured his knee just before the start of the 2016 season and dislocated the kneecap and tore the cruciate ligament plus other ligaments. The playmaker worked back after his horror injury – and celebrated after several training sessions with his NFL comeback during a game, the 34: 7 against Cincinnati in Week 15.

The athlete was back on the field for the first time since January 10, 2016 – exactly 474 days after his bad injury. Tears of joy flowed after his short bet. It did not matter that his first pass was straight into an interception.

Because Bridgewater knew that this comeback was not self-evident. “There were 24 similar total injuries in the sport, and in half of those cases, the player never came back – and I do not think anyone made his comeback in less than 24 months,” Head Coach Mike Zimmer said after the end of last season noticeably impressed by the will of his protégé, who will no longer be part of the Vikings.
“I think he’s fine”

Bridgewater’s impression on Zimmer impressed Zimmer: “The fact that he’s packed it up to train and even play in a match speaks for him, I think he’s fine, he’s at the point where he can play Now it’s time to find out where he is athletic, as we were hardly able to rate him in game situations. ”

So, frankly, which version of Bridgewater 2018 will be on display: that of the clever playmaker who does not feel anxious under pressure, can reliably mount passports, play complex schemes, and have the highest respect in a unit of players for his calm, prudent manner? Or those of the frail professionals?

That’s exactly what makes it difficult for potential teams like Buffalo or Denver who have the quarterback on their notice – and of course, have to think about other solutions (commit QB, hit the Draft). But one thing is clear: if the knee holds, Bridgewater is a top option. He has to be content with a short-term contract with bonuses in case of cases.
Bridgewater: “My dream lives on”

Meanwhile, his 2017 conclusion to “ESPN” underlines that he can fulfill the performance profile: “I had to mentally be there for the boys – and I accepted that role – it was not easy, but I would not trade for anything this year This season has challenged my attitude. ” He does not let himself be disturbed: “I’ll just focus on becoming a better player and stronger in the offseason, the best part of it: my dream lives on – my dream that I can play football next year.”


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