First lost the Super Bowl – and then that too.

Double bad luck for Rob Gronkowski (28)! Now comes out: While the Tight End struggled with its New England Patriots for victory in the NFL finals, was broken into his home in Boston.

On Monday at 5 pm (local time), the Patriots from Minneapolis returned. After the arrival Gronkowski noticed the burglary, from 18 to 23 clock was the police on site. According to the officials, the thieves stole “several safes and possibly weapons.”

For further details, the investigators did not want to divulge. “Out of respect for Mr Gronkowski’s privacy and for investigative reasons, we will not say what was stolen or suspects.”

Gronkowski had landed at the Super Bowl two touchdowns for the Patriots – but even those were not enough for victory. New England lost 33:41 to the Philadelphia Eagles.


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