The Dallas Cowboys are still hoping for the miracle that will take them to the postseason and are aware that they have to win the remaining three games in the regular season, starting this Sunday, visiting the Oakland Raiders; another set that is in despair and without margin of defeat.
As if that were not enough, both teams need third-party results because when the Oakland kickoff comes, neither the Cowboys nor the Raiders will be in the momentary playoff picture.

For the Cowboys, the only possibility of going to the second round will be via wild cards, because the divisional title, in the East of the National Conference, already belongs to the Philadelphia Eagles.
“We have to stay focused on just doing our job,” linebacker Sean Lee said Friday. “The Raiders have had their own problems, but they are a team loaded with talent from both sides (offensive and defensive), we have a lot of respect for them and we can not even think about the playoffs when we do not even control our own destiny.
“The only thing we can control is to go out and play hard and execute,” he added. “We must win, to continue at least in the conversation (for playoffs).”
Cowboys coach Jason Garrett agreed with his defensive captain. He reiterated that his philosophy since they opened the preseason camp is the “day to day” and just think about the next game.
“It’s a matter of the boys thinking of making a play every time that ball is centered,” Garrett said. “The Raiders are a good football team, which we must face with all the seriousness, if we are in the playoffs after these games, well, if not, it will be because we got ourselves into trouble with things we did not do ”
The Cowboys (7-6) will arrive at the weekend’s session in 10th place in the National Conference and at least one game behind those currently occupying the wild cards, the Carolina Panthers (9-4) and the Atlanta Falcons (8 -5). Above Dallas are also the Seattle Seahawks (8-5), the Detroit Lions (7-6) and the Green Bay Packers (7-6).

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