It has not been a friendly city with Tom Brady, but the quarterback of the New England Patriots could begin to take pleasure in playing in the city of Denver.
Surely not before the version of the Broncos that he would have liked to face, but Brady could link Sunday night his first pair of victories in Denver in his career and thus, begin to remove the bad taste of mouth that has left him play in the Sports Authority Field.
Brady is 3-7 in Denver, including three losses in the Playoffs, a figure that makes the Broncos the rival that has most bothered the future Hall of Famer outside the comfort of his home.

The difference is that, in 2017, Brady will face some Broncos who look away from those powerful teams on the defensive and with a consistent attack that was a headache for the Patriots’ passer, to the extent that linebacker Von Miller recognized that Denver is not a good team.
The most obvious problem of the Broncos is in the position of quarterback, which will be occupied by Brock Osweiler, who already savored what it was to beat Brady and the Patriots, but there are problems in all areas and the defense is not foreign to them. .
The defense of the Broncos, led by Miller, looks without the inspiration and drive that led her to make Brady’s life in Denver.
In his career, Brady has completed 63.9 percent of his shipments, but in Denver, things have been different. In his career, the Patriots quarterback has completed 56.6 percent of his passes for an average of 278.3 yards, just under two touchdowns (1.6) and one interception (0.9) per game.
Brady’s last triumph in Denver in the regular season was in the 2016 season, when he beat the Broncos 16-3 with Trevor Siemian as the starting quarterback. Before that victory, the Patriots fell three times in a row in Denver, two of them in Playoffs (2013 and 2015).
Brady’s previous victories in Denver were in 2003 and 2011.
In 2017, Brady faces on this occasion different Broncos, vulnerable and looking for something to play in December, but a contending team must win the games that, supposedly, must win to strengthen its favorite label.
The only thing that Brady and the Patriots should not forget is that they play in Denver, where the headaches have been frequent for them since 2001.

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