FRISCO, Texas – Dez Bryant and most of the Dallas Cowboys players showed obvious disappointment when they entered the dressing room, while the press had access on Wednesday at the premises of The Star.
The big difference is that Bryant called the press to express the frustration that having had the worst productivity in his professional career, when he has been healthy, if he is.
Bryant said he had a good season, although almost nobody noticed, that he did his job and sometimes even wonders why he does not receive more passes.
“I think most of it I can only do what I can control …” Bryant said. “Sometimes, yes, of course, I am frustrated by certain situations that I can not control. Outside of that, I know who I am, I’m a great football player and I know it. ”
“I let a lot of things go that bother me mentally,” he added. “I feel like I just need to deal in the offseason with the things I can control.”
Bryant, 29, has 66 receptions for 815 yards with six touchdowns. From 2012 to 2014, the last year that was supposed to be completely healthy, the extrovert receiver averaged 91 completions, 14 touchdowns and 1,312 yards.
Bryant signed a contract for five seasons and 70 million dollars in July 2015, including 45 million guaranteed that have already been paid, when two years of contract are still missing.
This season, Bryant earns $ 13 million of base salary and the next, $ 12.5 million, according to his contract, so many in the Dallas-Fort Worth area believe it’s not worth what it costs.
The receiver strongly denied that he is willing to lower his salary to stay in the team if they so require.
“I have not even heard about that,” he said. “But of course not (it would lower your salary). Another problem that has been criticized, is that it is unable to receive passes that seem catchable, as happened on Sunday, when he also released a ball after catching it and another that was to give the hands of a defensive interception
The Seahawks won 14 of the 21 points with which they beat Dallas, last Sunday, as a result of Bryant’s errors.
He denied having any problems or directly blaming quarterback Dak Prescott for his low game, although he did it indirectly.

“People who watch the game movie know I’m doing my job,” he said. “The defenders respect me because they know I’m a great player” …
Bryant also said he has suffered physical discomfort since the week he defeated the Kansas City Chiefs on November 5, but he never complains because he is a “warrior.” Prescott agreed with his teammates that there is no personal problem, they just have to improve as partners on the field.
“It’s always just about improving,” Prescott said. “I have to be a better quarterback and work on my understanding of American football, as well as the receivers.” Bryant said he will be with the Cowboys next season.
“Yes, of course,” he said. “I’m a Texas boy, all day.”

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