Dominance of the trench on both sides of the ball, a balanced offense, a running attack with a versatile runner and a corpulent runner at key moments.
They are basic points of any game plan that the Philadelphia Eagles executed practically to perfection to dominate to Minnesota Vikings that arrived at the Game of Championship with a similar physiognomy, besides a strong dose of motivation after surpassing of incredible form the Divisional Round.
Getting out of their environment did not help any Vikings who were looking to be the first team in history to play the Super Bowl in their own stadium.

With the defeat of Minnesota, the indoor teams left their mark at 0-13 when they play an outdoor conference final.
In addition to the cold that gave the Vikings to play outside of their stadium, the Eagles deflated Minnesota’s momentum and erased their rival from the field with a resounding defensive blow to the jaw in the first rounds and from which the Vikings could not recover. .
After Case Keenum put Minnesota ahead in their first series, the Eagles defensive line rolled up and pressed the passer endlessly with a strong push in the center of the trench and speed at the ends.

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