The first round of the postseason went by and, as it could not be otherwise, it leaves us important lessons.
Here we present the five most outstanding

That a fantasy player will not necessarily be decisive in a crucial game
Alex Smith, Jared Goff and Todd Gurley, who were the best in fantasy football leagues, took their leave in the Wild Card Round without having a decent game to close the year.
Of course we know that this is the case, but players who made a difference in the regular season, satisfying the owners of fantasy teams, could not do more to stay alive for one more week in the postseason.
Smith, the quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs, finished with average numbers: 254 passing yards with two touchdown passes without interceptions. But with the most recent defeat accumulates negative numbers in playoffs: a victory and four defeats in his passage through KC.
Goff and Gurley had great seasons, and even the Los Angeles Rams runner is considered by many to be the Most Valuable Player candidate, but in the game against the Atlanta Falcons they were neutralized.
The lack of postseason experience, including that of head coach Sean McVay, ended up weighing last Saturday. Add to that the lost balls of one of your best units, the special teams
A quarterback can win playoff games even with negative numbers in the regular season
Marcus Mariota, the Tennessee Titans quarterback, won his first postseason game despite finishing with more interceptions than scoring during the regular season. Share that “honor” with Brock Osweiler and Mark Sanchez.

The quarterback in his third year as a professional had 13 touchdown passes and 15 interceptions in the regular season, but this Saturday against the Chiefs with all his discrete numbers and with almost 50 rushing yards, he made a great comeback with the Titans after of going losing by 18 points at halftime.
In addition Mariota did everything, launched, received a pass for touchdown and blocked.
That the less talented quarterbacks depend on a Top-10 runner
Teams like the Buffalo Bills, Jacksonville Jaguars and even the Titans have played with a dependence on their running attack.
Buffalo needed the best version of a decimated Lesean McCoy, who was able to respond with 75 yards on the grass and 44 yards. He was the best of his team despite the injury that prevented him from playing 100 percent. They were good numbers for the Buffalo rider trying to support Tyrod Taylor, but it was not enough. The Bills lacked quarterback and receivers. The defense also did its job.
Tennessee and its offensive commanded by the aforementioned Mariota has depended all year on its runners. First of DeMarco Murray and now after his injury, it was Derrick Henry, who contributed 156 yards and a touchdown in the victory over the Chiefs.
You can win in the playoffs being, in addition to quarterback, the best team runner
In this game the Jaguars, without an elite quarterback, also needed to establish their ground attack and rely on their defense. Leonard Fournette, the rookie Jacksonville racer, was his best card, but Blake Bortles took the afternoon.
The Jaguars quarterback ran a yard more than he threw as a passer, 88 against 87.
As additional data, both Taylor and Mariota were the second best runners of their respective teams.
I can not imagine any NFL team hiring a quarterback to also be their best runner.
Jacksonville only has as an argument to face Pittsburgh their defense and it is difficult to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in the wild card round.

A large team knows several ways to win
The New Orleans Saints found an offensive balance this season as perhaps no other team in the league.
For this game of wild cards against the Carolina Panthers, New Orleans could not move the ball on the ground as in other games – from the hand of rookie Alvin Kamara and veteran Mark Ingram – but it did not matter.
Drew Brees threw for almost 400 yards with Michael Thomas and Ted Ginn Jr. as favorite targets. Add to that his improved defense and we have the formula of a winning team.
New Orleans will visit the Minnesota Vikings in divisional play. The game looks the same but the locality of Minnesota makes them slightly favorites.

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