EAST RUTHERFORD – The future of quarterback Eli Manning and wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. with the New York Giants when Dave Gettleman was introduced as the new GM since, apparently, both would remain with the team.

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Brandon Marshall hopes to return with Giants in 2018
The veteran wide receiver wants to fulfill his contract with New York and also points to the Hall of Fame after his retirement from the NFL.

Gettleman was hired on Thursday to take over from Jerry Reese, who was fired after 11 years on the team along with head coach Ben McAdoo. The comments of the new boss indicate that he trusts to retain two of the main stars.
“It makes a lot of sense, does not it?” Gettleman replied when asked if it would be wise to sign again Beckham, who will enter his fifth year of contract under option. “You know, Ernie [Accorsi] told me something a long time ago, do not give up on talent, do not give up on talent.”
Everything indicates that Beckham will not show up at training camp until he reaches a new agreement after suffering an ankle injury that marginalized him the rest of the season and expressed his desire to be the highest paid player in the league.
“Who does not want a lot of money? Is there someone here who does not want a lot of money?” Replied Gettleman. “Everybody wants to have a lot of money, ok? I do not know if it’s the case with Odell.
“I have not met him and I hope to do it, he’s obviously very talented and makes things happen.”
Manning still has two years in his contract, but he was sent to the bench this season – before regaining his position – and the Giants could be the second to choose in the next draft. A franchise quarterback may be in your future.
Although that does not mean that Gettleman is ready to turn the Manning page immediately.

“I’ll talk about that issue immediately,” Gettleman replied after commenting that Manning is his quarterback, right now. “I have to tell you something, it does not matter what position we’re talking about – there’s never enough good players in a position.”
Gettleman served as a staff executive when they obtained a pair of Super Bowl rings, so he believes Manning still has something to offer.
“Eli has won many matches, he’s a great competitor, very smart, I’ll talk to him and, if what I saw in Philadelphia, it was not a mirage – and I do not think it was like that – then we’ll move on.”

Manning had his best appearance two weeks ago against the Eagles as he passed for 400 yards and three touchdowns before being shut out by the Arizona Cardinals two weeks ago.
The owners also seem to be convinced that Manning and Beckham are part of their future.

“I still want [Beckham] to be part of our future, but I have to sit down with Dave and the new head coach to know what’s going to happen there,” said John Mara, who added that Manning can still play at a high level. “Let’s be honest, players with the [Beckham] ability do not show up very often.

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