MIAMI – The games in the snow have always had their charm.
After all, there are not many sports in which you can play even when the conditions are hostile and practically NOT SEEN FROM THE PALCO DE PRENSA.
The truth is that there is no way I can stand more than three hours in this kind of cold, so my applause and admiration goes to FANÁTICOS COMO THESE. Although apparently the conditions also make the supporters DO LOCAL THINGS IN THE EXPLANADA.
I also understand LeSean McCoy when he says he “likes to play in the snow because it does not hurt when he falls”, but the reality is that – although it was emotional – the show suffers a lot in this kind of conditions.
Indianapolis ran the ball in 20 of its first 21 moves, and between the two teams combined for 97 carries (the largest number in a game since 1981), which made me think that better to play in a dome and call me soft.
I must admit that at least the meeting between Indianapolis Colts and Buffalo Bills left us some pleasant memories, as for the best extra point in history, when Adam Vinatieri hit from 43 yards – after a penalty of 10 yards – in the middle of a Snowstorm, with his companions trying to take out the snow during the dead time.
In conclusion, Vinatieri now has probably the best field goal and the best extra point in history, and goes straight to the Hall of Fame some day.
What I am going to say is that if there was a game to lose your marshal due to injury, it was because of the conditions, and that is how the BILLS FESTE.

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