It was a new regular season, which was full of surprises.
This is so, that 8 of the 12 teams that will be in the playoffs were not in the decisive instances last year, and the four divisional champions of the NFC are different from the previous year.
The most striking team to qualify, was probably Jacksonville, although the one that is taking all the reflectors are the Buffalo Bills, and with good reason.

After all, they broke the longest drought of today without postseason appearances, and qualified for the playoffs after 17 years.
Maybe they did not have to suffer so much if they did not place Nathan Peterman as a starter in Week 10, when he threw five interceptions in the first half.
Anyway, the celebrations in Buffalo were EPIC.
To qualify, they needed a touchdown pass from Andy Dalton to Tyler Boyd in the final seconds, which nailed a dagger to the aspirations of the Ravens and gave the greatest joy in years to the fans of the BIlls; They should already be building the statue of the “Red Rifle” in Buffalo.
The Bills decided to confirm that they would be sending CHICKEN BOWS to the Bengals, but more importantly Buffalo fans had the tremendous gesture of SUPPORTING THE DALTON FOUNDATION.
For things like these is that the sport is so cute, because it unites us and excites us.
Meanwhile, the Minnesota Vikings will seek to become the first team in history to win a Super Bowl at home; in fact no host team even reached the Conference Championship.
The Minnesota defense finished ranked number in points allowed, while the offensive ended ranked 10. In history 26 teams have finished with the best defense in the league and a top ten offense, and of those 26, 14 have won the Super Bowl ; the Vikings would have a 54 percent chance of winning everything judging by history.
Of course, the special teams of Minnesota left a lot to be desired in their last game against Chicago. We have already seen several of these types of DECEPTION, but it never ceases to surprise that the clearing team does not know where the ball is going.
Speaking of history, the Browns are part of it, and not in the good sense of the word, after joining the 2008 Lions as the only teams to finish a campaign with a 0-16 record.
The most incredible thing in the case of Cleveland is that they have a combined record of 1-31 in the last two seasons and that Hue Jackson is still creditor of his work.
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