MIAMI – It’s always a happy week when many diehard fans of the NFL, who in many cases did not have the chance to experience it first-hand, will have the chance to witness the luxury of this beautiful sport.
The NFL returns to Mexico for the second year in a row, and for the third time in history.

The last “census” (2015) determined that there are 23.3 million fans of the NFL in Mexico, and although many have crossed the border to attend NFL stadiums, there are many who have not had the possibility and now will not have to do it.
The NFL visits his yard, in what will be the fifth game of this season played outside the United States, an absolute record in history; at the same time it will be the 30th game played outside the United States.
I was shocked by the warmth of the fans last year, who came to greet and then lived the victory of the Oakland Raiders on the Houston Texans as a real party.
Are there things to improve?
Definitely because the famous shout should not take place in a similar event, because if for many it is part of their idionsincracia, with which it is offensive for one is enough, and they are going badly in the eyes of the world.
Sadly in our countries, there is always a tarado with a laser, wanting to be him, the protagonist instead of the players themselves. If they see it, notify the authorities.
Beyond a couple of details, the NFL is aware that their visits to Mexico have been a resounding success, that there are many more positive than negative, and if everything goes well, they have the idea of ​​making it a permanent stop on the calendar of the NFL.
As far as sports are concerned, Mexico City is 7,503 feet above sea level, more than any other stadium in the NFL. Perhaps in this sense, the New England Patriots have some advantage, since they come from playing in the 5,195 feet of Denver, but at the same time it can be said that the Raiders already have the experience of having played there last year.
Let’s enjoy it, and make it another real party.
In this last tenth day, we could say that the magic number was 6.
Six were the touchdowns for which New Orleans ran against the Buffalo Bills; a franchise record. The last time that happened was in 2013, curiously in the playoffs, when the Patriots ran for six touchdowns against the Indianapolis Colts.
Six were also the catches that allowed Chaz Green, who tried to replace Tyron Smith, but clearly was not up to the circumstances for the Dallas Cowboys.
I still wonder why Dallas never decided to help him, and left him on an island with Adrian Clayborn.
Clayborn became just the fourth player in history to record six sacks in a game; only Derrick Thomas totaled more (7) in a game in 1990.
The funny thing is that Clayborn came to this game against Dallas with two sacks to his credit this season.

If anyone had doubts about Aaron Rodgers’ intention, just look at HIS FESTIJO after the Green Bay Packers triumph, the first with Brett Hundley behind center.
It is clear that he is being a good teammate, but at the same time he is excited about being able to come back close to Christmas, if the Packers are still in the fight for the playoffs in a tight and very competitive NFC.
For the unfortunate who saw the game between the San Francisco 49ers and the New York Giants, the first three plays made clear the level of both teams: kickoff outside the bounds of the pitch, penalty for late hit and an exit false
Pure quality, although it is not the week to fall to the 49ers, who got their first win of the season; Ben McAdoo has his days counted in New York.
Finally we must point out that it is amazing what is happening in the NFL leadership.
The owner of the Cowboys, Jerry Jones, is fighting several months ago the potential extension of the contract of the commissioner Roger Goodell.
Perhaps it was the suspension of Ezekiel Elliott, perhaps because of his business alliance with the owner of Papa John’s, perhaps because of his friendship with President Donald Trump and because he did not like how the league was handled with the players, who sought to protest the racial inequality, or perhaps it was a combination of all those factors.
The truth is that Jones has tired the rest of the owners, who have even threatened to take away the Cowboys if it does not stop this controversial crusade.
When all is said, Goodell will receive a contract extension, and Jones will not be removed from the Cowboys; After all, Al Davis was always fighting with the rest of the owners, and that never happened with their forever Raiders.
However, it is incredible that in 2017 we can all find out dirty laundry that goes out in the sun. It will definitely be fascinating to see what can happen in 2021, when the new collective agreement has to be signed; sadly I do not rule out a strike.
Anyway, enough of extra sports topics. Those who can go to the stadium and smile, and those who do not, make a small party at home and enjoy this party, which came here to stay.

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