MIAMI – He spent another week in the NFL, and just as it seems to happen every week, there were more complaints regarding the games on Thursday.
This time it was the guard of the Buffalo Bills, curiously the losing team, Richie Incognito who put the scream in the sky.

People are crying out for these games to end, because the players can not recover in time, but I regret to inform you that this will not happen.

For those who do not know how these television contracts work, in the case of the games on Thursdays, they are signed year after year. One of the foremen of CBS, owner of the rights until the end of the season, already admitted that “more NFL does not mean a better product”, and the signals suggest that they will not renew.

But have no doubts, that another television station will raise its hand, because even though the ratings are lower than three years ago, they are still leaders in general terms, and that means money and prosperity in their eyes.
I have said it before, but I repeat that the ideal scenario – in my opinion – would be to shorten the preseason, play 18 days of regular season with two weeks of rest, and that each Thursday game comes after a bye.
As far as the news is concerned, Jameis Winston will be seated “a few weeks” so that he can recover from his shoulder injury, although he could have quietly been suspended for this MOTIVATIONAL SPEECH?
There were three fights in the NFL this week, although only receiver Mike Evans was suspended; he was the only one who was not expelled in a match, and rarely the league expelled and then suspended above the previous penalty.
What I will never understand is why the players throw fist punches when the rivals have helmets. I understand that you are in the heat of the moment, but you do not need to have much cold blood to realize that you can only hurt yourself and not the other in that way.
Speaking of sanctions, I loved what Jacksonville did when he suspended Leonard Fournette for a game for not complying with team rules – he missed the team photo among other things. The only way that players learn is when you take something they want; Jacksonville still ran for 148 yards and won by 16 points, so I imagine Fournette will start behaving from here on out.
One of the best things that has happened this year is that the celebrations have been allowed again. After nine days, I am in a position to say that THE POTATO BAG CARRIER is in the lead for now.
It was revealed this week that Aaron Rodgers had 13 screws and two plates in his clavicle. And although it sounds painful, this is good news for the Green Bay Packers, since what doctors are looking for is to strengthen the area in the short term. In other words, if Rodgers is launching on Thanksgiving, he’s probably ready to play at Christmas. The question there would be if the Packers will have something to play for then.
Kirk Cousins ​​proved he can win in hostile territory with one last great series in Seattle, but probably his smartest move of the day was ESTA.
Real and bizarre story that happened in the Miami Dolphins press box on Sunday night. We were preparing for the start of the meeting when an Oakland Raiders staff member entered the box and said: “Somebody has an energy drink (said the brand) that I can buy for Reggie Nelson.”

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