Be careful what you say or you can end up with a tattoo of a 63 year old man on the body.
That’s the lesson that Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Chris Long has learned this week.
When Long signed with the Eagles in the offseason, he was meeting with his former defensive coordinator at St. Louis Rams, Ken Flajole, now Philadelphia linebackers coach and some friendly joke between the two during the summer, could be back now and reach Long.
“When Chris came (to Philadephia), we were talking, I think it was in the training camp, and I probably said something like, ‘Hey, nothing would be better than lifting the Lomabardi Trophy with you.’ And he said, ‘Hey, if we get there to the Super Bowl and we won, I’m going to get a tattoo on your face on your body, ‘”Flajole said. “I said, ‘Ok, Chris, you better be careful now, because you never know how things can happen sometimes.'”
The Eagles had a record of 13-3 this season, they took first place in the NFC playoffs and defeated the Atlanta Falcons and the Minnesota Vikings to keep the ticket to the Super Bowl where they will face the New England Patriots. And here we are.
“A lot of people said, ‘You were betting you were not going to win?’, It was not really a gamble,” Long said. “I was kidding, he kept me in that and he reminded me this week, it will be a good problem to solve.”
But will Flajole really want to keep it said?
“Yes, he’s a tough guy, he’s not going to give me a concession, I hope,” Long said. The “I hope” means that the Eagles win the Super Bowl.
“I’m going to keep it said,” said Flajole. “If he wants to make a small change to get away … but I think he’s prepared to do it, I’m sure he’s going to put it in a discreet place where nobody will say, ‘Who is that man?’

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