EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. – The knives are sharp. The fan base of a team with a 2-9 record wants blood, after their beloved quarterback was sidelined in the weirdest way.
It is difficult to blame them while the situation calms down. The manner in which the New York Giants took the first step to an inevitable quarterback transition with Eli Manning was uncomfortable and insulting. The team organized a plan that, essentially, offered the passer to be just a guest to extend his gaming streak as a starter.
Too proud and for the team’s well-being to gain access, Eli decided to allow Geno Smith and, eventually, Davis Webb to be the starting quarterbacks for the rest of the season. Smith will be on Sunday against the Oakland Raiders.
The whole thing was ugly and the co-owner of the team, John Mara, conceded that it could have been handled differently. However, the Giants took the step they had to take and will be a better team at the end.

The era Eli Manning was approaching a resounding end. Just look at the second half of the Thanksgiving loss to the Washington Redskins, when the Giants looked ineffective on offense he could not do much (first and 10 in the final moments). That must have been more shameful than sending any player to the bench.
The Giants needed to take a different path, evaluate the other quarterbacks on their roster. It would have been irresponsible not to obtain every possible data before making its most important decision since 2004, because that is what is on the horizon.
Next April there may be a moment to change the direction of the organization with its highest first-round selection since … 2004, when the Giants recruited Manning.
If the Giants can find their quarterback franchise, either with Webb or in the Draft, the way this situation was handled will be just one anecdote at the end of Manning’s career, winner of two Super Bowls with New York. No matter how it was done, these divorces are never clean.
The Giants are close to having an extremely high collegiate pick in a 2018 Draft that could have several quarterbacks with the potential to become the franchise player. Manning is close to turning 37 and is the leader of an offense that has scored the second lowest point total in the current NFL season.
On Thanksgiving, the Giants could not make a first and 10 in the second half, until the game was essentially out of reach in the final minutes. Manning did not play well and has not done most of the campaign.
It’s clear that it’s not all Manning’s fault, not the fact that the Giants are 32-43 in the last five years. The roster has been consistently inadequate, but Manning has not played as he would have expected the best-paid player of the Giants to raise the level of his teammates. With the current roster and franchise status, what will the Giants’ fortune with Manning as a quarterback in the final years of his career?
The fault can be shared. The general manager formed a mediocre roster and the coach did not do a good job with the pieces at his disposal.
That Manning has been a good guy and good teammate since his arrival does not mean he deserves to be the starter until he can not play anymore, especially when he’s not playing well.
These types of divorces are rarely calm. This was not pretty, either.

This is a business for everyone involved. One can not conveniently choose when to do something personal. When negotiating his contracts, Manning did not offer the Giants a discount for having been treated well every year he has been on the team. The pin always signed a contract among the best in the market. There is nothing wrong with that. One takes full advantage of situations.

Also, the team can move forward when this matter makes financial sense, no matter how many Pro Bowls or Super Bowl wins Manning has on his resume. This is the system that exists. The same happened to Joe Montana, Brett Favre and Peyton Manning, to name a few passers.
This is how this works. There are few people in the organization of the Giants who consider that Manning’s career has come to an end or that it is close to reaching its end. His level of play has fallen drastically in recent years.
That’s why the Giants want to see what Smith and Webb can do right now. They want to do their homework.
“We’ll see what we found out. We’re 2-9, we’ll have to find out if (Smith or Webb) gives us a better chance to win. Let them play and we will see, “said Mara.
We’ll see and the Giants will find out if any of them will be in their future. It is necessary to evaluate it while the franchise reaches a critical point in its history, the moment to find the next Eli Manning.

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