These days, Mike Trout has ceased to be the star player of Los Angeles Angels to get the football fan inside.
Trout is a rabid follower of the Philadelphia Eagles, who next February 4 will play the Super Bowl LII against the New England Patriots.
In a press teleconference, the Angels outfielder told how hard it was for him to watch Super Bowl XXXIX on television in 2005, in which his Eagles lost, precisely, to the Patriots.

“It was a very close match that we could have won. I was at my parents’ house watching him and we were left with the desire to see the team win their first title, “lamented the Angelino gardener.
For Trout, that game and the one on Sunday that gave Philadelphia the ticket to the game on February 4 are the most important moments in his memory since he grew up worshiping the Eagles.
“I grew up watching Donovan McNabb as a quarterback. He was my favorite player then, “said the player, who praised current passers Carson Wentz and Nick Foles, who led the team to this point.
Precisely, in December, Trout spent a few days hunting with Wentz in New Jersey.
“(Wentz) is a fun guy, but with his feet on the ground. A great athlete and excellent person, “said Trout on the passer of the Eagles.

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