The quarterback Domino is running – and the first big stones are falling! After the New Orleans Saints extended the expiring contract with Drew Brees as expected, the big Kaus Cousins ​​are now closed. The free agent, who most recently signed with the Washington Redskins, is reportedly joining the Minnesota Vikings – and creaming as hard as anyone before him.

“You like that ?!” With these striking words, Kirk Cousins ​​caught his eye on the world of sports on October 25, 2015, screaming into a running camera on his way to the cabin. Previously, the quarterback had led his Washington Redskins, who had been drawn in the fourth draft round and 102nd in 2012, the biggest comeback of the franchise history. After half-time with 0:24 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Cousins ​​played big at the half-time and made a fabulous 31-30 victory.

But in 2018, as expected, he’ll be out in the US capital after six years, 62 games, 16,206 yards and 99 touchdowns with just 55 interceptions and only 22 fumbles. The background: Because the Redskins cousins ​​did not offer the mega-deal, it drew the highly rated athletes as the most sought-after actor in the Free Agency. Here, the 29-year-old reportedly had a wide selection of new employers – and now decided quite surprisingly for the Minnesota Vikings. The US correspondents agree.

According to NFL network insider Ian Rapoport, cousins ​​in Minneapolis are to receive a three-year contract worth $ 28 million a year. The historical aspect: The contract and the money should be completely guaranteed – and put him little wonder about Jimmy Garoppolo (San Francisco 49ers) in the hierarchy of NFL best earners.

According to ESPN insider Adam Schefter, everything points to the fact that the playmaker but will officially sign only on Thursday at the Vikes. A prior agreement is unlikely because the coaches and bosses first want to meet with cousins ​​to eat before he will visit the team facilities on Thursday and then to make his signature.
What happens to Keenum, Bradford and Bridgewater?

Minnesota, who had reached the NFC final in 2017/18 thanks to a strong defensive performance and failed there at the later Super Bowl champion Philadelphia with 7:38, was for a long time together with the Denver Broncos, the Arizona Cardinals or the New York Jets as favorite in the race for cousins.

Now, the Vikings have made the race and paid dearly for it – and the powerful competition must (te) otherwise look for alternatives. Respectively, look around at the team that takes in cousins. For the Vikings themselves had three hot irons in the fire – and decided to astonish many against all three of them.
Denver, Arizona and New York seem to find it

Denver: Cousins ​​did not turn out to be anything. Anyway, the Broncos obviously thought. The franchise from the Mile High City simply grabbed the previous starter from Minneapolis – Case Keenum. As Adam Schefter of “ESPN” reports, both sides agree. Details are not yet known. For the 30-year-old, this is after the Houston Texans (2012-2013), the St. Louis Rams (2014), again the Houston Texans (2014), again the St. Louis / Los Angeles Rams (2015-2016) and so on the Vikings (2017) the fourth station in the NFL.

In Minneapolis, Keenum took over at the start of the season for the injured Sam Bradford, threw in 15 games (14 starts) for 3547 yards and 22 touchdowns (seven interceptions), fully convinced and made the said leap to the NFC final.



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