MEXICO – Dear friends of the NFL, just three weeks after the end of the regular season the National Conference – which is the closest – has a very interesting picture.
Let’s review; The Philadelphia Eagles with their victory over the Los Angeles Rams tied the NFC East. Very expensive victory because they apparently lost their quarterback Carson Wentz for the rest of the season due to a possible torn ligament.

The situation complicates their postseason aspirations, but today they are the No. 1 team in the National Conference.
Obviously they are already qualified and hope that Nick Foles can lead the team to win in the playoffs.
The Dallas Cowboys, in second place in the division, beat the New York Giants and keep the candle lit hoping to reach the postseason, but have no margin for error.
The Minnesota Vikings in the North Division lost in a very physical duel against the Carolina Panthers and therefore could not secure their sector, although they are the second best team in the National Conference.

Three games away, with a 7-6 record, are Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers. For the latter the best is the announced return of quarterback Aaron Rodgers. With him, his aspirations grow, although at least today his outlook is not very clear.
In what is the most competitive division, the NFC South, the definition has been reserved forecast. Carolina won her duel against the Vikings and is the No. 2 in that sector, while the New Orleans Saints, who had the pace of champion, were stopped by the Atlanta Falcons, who are also part of the division and are fully in the fight .
Carolina is 9-4, same record as New Orleans, which has the tiebreaker criteria in her favor.

Just one game away, the Falcons are in third place with strong postseason aspirations.
Of the three teams, the one with the least complicated schedule are the Saints, since although they will play against the Falcons in Week 16 in a decisive match, they have commitments against the New York Jets and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
The most difficult calendar without a doubt is that of the Falcons, as they will have to define their future against Carolina and New Orleans.
On the other hand, do not rule out that of this division they manage to classify three teams to the postseason. In fact, at this time if the season ends all three would be classified.
Also in the NFC West the Rams lost to Philadelphia in a magnificent game with post-season dyes.
The loss seemed like a good opportunity for the Seahawks, who made a long trip from Seattle to Florida to face the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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