The NFL Compensation Committee has issued a warning to Jerry Jones in response to a threat from the owner of the Dallas Cowboys to sue the league over discussions of a contractual extension for commissioner Roger Goodell, according to The New York Times .
The committee issued the warning to Jones after a conference call Monday to discuss the potential extension to Goodell, according to the Times.
Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank issued a statement on Monday, saying the committee is still working toward an extension for Goodell and contesting Jones’ statement that the owners had been deceived about “critical facts” surrounding the negotiations.

“The committee continues to work towards the completion of an extension of the contract with the commissioner, consistent with the order set forth in the unanimous resolution of May 2017,” Blank said in his statement. “Regardless of what may have been reported, the committee continues to work within the financial parameters presented to the owners at the May meeting.The negotiations are progressing and we will continue to keep the owners of the negotiations informed as they move forward. publicly our discussions. ”
Blank, a six-member committee adviser, ended Jones as the seventh de facto member, without a vote, on Saturday for his threat to sue the league.
In a letter sent last week to the owners who are part of the committee, Jones argued “having discovered a number of very troubling issues,” while he was a member of the committee, including that “the owners (sic) and Jerry Jones now understand that they have been unequivocally deceived, “by Blank and that” critical facts “have been misrepresented with respect to Goodell’s contract.
ESPN reported on Sunday that Goodell’s last written counterproposal, sent to the committee around August 1, was seeking approximately $ 49.5 million in annual salary and also included the lifetime use of a private jet and health insurance. life for him and his family.

Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones, son of Jerry Jones, said during a radio interview on Monday that he and his father “want what is in the best interest of the league.”
“We’re not against Roger, we just do not know if now is the best time to talk about a large contractual extension when the league faces incredible challenges in terms of where we are in the league,” explained Stephen Jones during his appearance at 105.3 The Fan, in Dallas. “Whether it’s our ratings, our concerns with sponsors, I think we need to focus on our business and not necessarily contract extensions.
“It’s not that we’re against Roger, I think Jerry has been very vocal about it, and it’s certainly not easy when you have certain moments that go in one direction and another in the opposite direction … In your opinion what we take as organization, we just do not think it’s in the best interest of the NFL to move forward now. ”

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