MEXICO – Only five weeks after the end of the NFL regular season, several teams, although mathematically not ruled out of the playoffs, are rationally so.
Worse still, teams that last year or in the last few seasons had made it to the postseason today are at the other end of the rope of success. I invite you to review the list.

The Denver Broncos two years ago were to play the postseason and even win the Super Bowl 50, their great defense and a legendary quarterback were the protagonists, however, this year with a 3-8 mark are firm candidates to be the last place of the AFC West.

In the same division, the Kansas City Chiefs last year stayed within a game of reaching the Conference Final. This year, after a great start 5-0 – they were the last team to lose the undefeated – add three consecutive losses until Week 12 and although they are still divisional leaders at the moment, they are in full free fall.
If they allow me the forecast, they will not reach the playoffs.
In the same sector, the Oakland Raiders, who came to the Wild Card Round last year, are unfortunately in a difficult situation. With a negative record of 5-6 and a very poor performance on offense and defense are the shadow of what they were last year.
In the same American Conference, but in the South Division, the Houston Texans made the New England Patriots look bad in the Divisional Round last season.
Before they play their match for Week 12, they are close to getting out of the playoff fight.
Last year they did not have quarterback (they had Brock Osweiler, which is the same) but they had the second best defense in the league.
For 2017 they had finally found their passer with Deshaun Watson, but the injury suffered by the rookie meant a very hard blow to their aspirations.
To make matters worse, the defense, which also has sensitive casualties, is far below expectations.


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