In the fight for the leadership of the NFC South Division, the renewed Atlanta Falcons will play two games as part of Week 13.
With a three-game winning streak, the Falcons got into the fight for a place in Playoffs in the NFC and got into a game of leadership in their sector, behind the New Orleans Saints and Carolina Panthers, who they have an 8-3 record and face after the Atlanta game.
The duel between Saints and Panthers came at a good time for a Falcons that, without looking like the team that came to the Super Bowl LVI, does not look like the team harmless and aimless to start the season.
The Saints already beat the Panthers in Week 3 and they did it in Carolina, so the result of Sunday’s duel between Carolina and New Orleans will give Atlanta certainty about what will be more within reach for the rest of the season, if the divisional title or a ticket as a wild card in the post-season.

However, Atlanta first has to play “their” game against the Minnesota Vikings.
While the Falcons arrive with three victories in line to this commitment, the Vikings do it with a seven-game winning streak and while they will test Atlanta’s attack, their defense will also have a good challenge in front of them.
In the last three games, the Minnesota defense, the unit that carries the most weight of the team, has allowed 20 points on average. In that span, Atlanta has scored 31.7 points per game.
Matt Ryan, quarterback of the Falcons, started the season with six interceptions in the first five games, but in the last three has only suffered one and none in the last two.
The care of the ball has helped Atlanta to resurface. In their first nine games, the Falcons had a -4 difference in lost and recovered balls. In his last three games, that number is +1. Nothing spectacular, but a positive change.
Perhaps the most important reason for the resurgence of the Falcons is their ability to keep their attacks alive with a 65.9 percent efficiency in third-chance conversions in their last three games, a performance markedly superior to the 40 percent they had in their first nine games.

And if it is decisive, the Falcons have taken advantage of their most recent trips to the red zone with a 70 percent efficiency in the last three games.
The challenge is huge for Ryan and company, as they will face a Minnesota defense leading third-chance conversions by allowing just 28.5 ERA to their rivals. In the red zone, the Vikings are second in effectiveness by allowing touchdowns in 40 percent of the incursions of their rivals.
A three-game winning streak has prepared the Falcons for the challenge of facing the Vikings and a win will only cause the Saints and Panthers to play with more pressure.
The NFC South could get very interesting. It all depends on the Falcons.

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