Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman will miss the rest of the season and will require surgery, head coach Pete Carroll confirmed, thanks to an Achilles tendon injury.
Sherman left the meeting on Thursday night at the end of the third period. The team announced his return as in doubt – assigning the injury as a heel – but the cornerback did not replace the helmet after the injury, was observed limping visibly on the sides, and never returned to the game.

In one take of the game’s transmission, Sherman apparently refers to his Achilles tendon saying: “It broke, it broke,” to his partner Bobby Wagner. Later in the game, he was seen receiving a hug from quarterback Russell Wilson.
Carroll told the media at the end of the game that the team’s doctors feared the ruptured Achilles tendon of the cornerback before talking about what Sherman had meant to the club in the last six years.

Wilson was hurt while knocking out wide receiver John Brown of the Arizona Cardinals. After lying on the ground for a few moments, taking the ankle, Sherman left the field on his own foot, visibly annoyed.
In the week before the crash that opened the Week 10 activity, Sherman was listed among those injured by an Achilles tendon problem.
The Seahawks prevailed 22-16 to the Cards at the start of Week 10.

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