EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. – New York Giants head coach Ben McAdoo is in the hot seat.
That’s what happens when a team loses seven of its first eight games of the season and is humiliated at home. That’s what happens when the stadium is half empty and fans who do come to the game are dedicated to booing the team in a 51-17 loss Sunday against the Los Angeles Rams.
I think this speaks for itself, “Giants owner John Mara told NJ Advance Media after the game.
In the interim, Mara was so far away that she did not respond to a simple “hello” from this reporter. It was like he was almost in another world of smoke coming out of his ears as he watched his Giants ride a memorable show, but for the wrong reasons.

This is the same owner who once said he wanted to fire everyone after a disappointing loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2014. Ultimately, he did not. Coach Tom Coughlin lasted one more season and general manager Jerry Reese still has his job.
The criticism is part of the work for McAdoo. It is inevitable that you feel the pressure with this season in which everything has gone so incredibly wrong, no matter what your level of success was last season.
As he said, everything falls on his shoulder. Even so, and despite having gone through one of the worst home defeats in the history of the franchise, McAdoo was not thinking of losing his job during or after Sunday’s game. This is how it operates.
“Not at all [worries],” said McAdoo.
“My situation has nothing to do with this,” he said. “We have to prepare to play another game next week, that would be counterproductive.”
The Giants play against the San Francisco 49ers, who have not won a game, next week. A loss would increase the pressure on McAdoo, who is 12-12 in the regular season now in his second season as head coach. He finished with 11-5 last year to help the Giants end a five-year drought without going to the playoffs.
That seems like it was a long time ago after the derailment of this season. The Giants can not score points yet (they reap 16.1 points per game). They have been through discipline problems, with two suspensions in three weeks. And his defense seems to have run out. His special teams also faced problems with a blocked punt kick, having missed a field goal and their inability to effectively cover kicks against the Rams.
The way it usually works in these situations is that the fans lose patience and achieve their role with the coach or the general manager. In this case, it seems that they are both. They stop attending the matches and attack the owners with calls, letters and emails expressing their discontent. The boos then vibrate the stadium on game days.
The Giants were booed extensively during the game against the Rams. The players and coaches allege that they were not thinking about that, but it was clearly heard by the owners.
“I’m focused on the game, focused on the players,” said McAdoo. “Trying to put them in a position to be successful, I’m not focusing on the stands.”

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