On Tuesday evening (local time) it was time. The Pittsburgh Steelers announced the (glad) message to put running back Le’Veon Bell under the franchise tag again. But does that like the star from “Steel City” anyway? “Wait” and drink tea, so the approximate, current opinion of the 26-year-olds.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have done it again – and as expected, Le’Veon Bell has franchised the day. The towering running back, which recorded 1291 rushing yards, 655 receiving yards and eleven touchdowns in the past season alone, is now playing under the tag for the second year in a row.

The proud franchise from the US state of Pennsylvania has now confirmed this itself – and underlined the intention behind it with the following words: “We want to keep Le’Veon Bell in the Steelers uniform – and have come a step closer to this endeavor with the franchise day. Bell will receive a $ 14.5 million year-long bid, a significant increase over the 12.12 million in 2017. ”
Bells demands

Sounds promising at first glance from Pittsburgh’s point of view. But there is also tension in it. Because the new day also means: The Steelers and Bell could not negotiate a long-term contract again. “We could not agree on a number,” Bell told “ESPN” recently. “I demand no less than what I’m worth to this team.”

Bell had already stated in January that he would consider suspending the coming season if necessary, in case the Steelers would want to let him play again under the franchise day.



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