PITTSBURGH – Even the legends of the Steel Curtain feel the urge to win in what is the final stage of Ben Roethlieberger’s career.
The Steelers, with their quarterback and elite offense, will play a game against the New England Patriots that will practically decide the home court advantage in the AFC Playoffs.
Former Pittsburgh defensive lineman and Hall of Famer Joe Greene knows these “Big Ben” opportunities should be savored.
“We have a fantastic quarterback who, in my opinion, can do things that nobody else can. Whatever they say, they can pitch like anybody or even better, “Greene told ESPN. “But, nobody stands firm in the protective bag and absorbs the blows like he (Ben) does and still makes plays. And he has the motivation to play, but he must have faith in his team, that his teammates feel like him. ”
The rebound of Roethlisberger in the final stretch of the current season does not give him time to get sentimental or talk about retirement. After a slow start in 2017, “Big Ben” seems well prepared to win a third Super Bowl ring in the middle of his 30 years and everything can start this Sunday against New England at Heinz Field.

A week ago, Roethlisberger defeated the Baltimore Ravens with 506 yards passing. Now, beating Tom Brady once, maybe twice, to brighten up the fight to win the Super Bowl would carry the already mentioned Roethlisberger legacy to a new stratosphere.
The club of the quarterbacks with three or more Super Bowl rings is intimate: Brady, Joe Montana, Terry Bradshaw and Troy Aikman form it.
Roethlisberger does not feed on great stories. The Steelers passer worries about the next game on the calendar and what it means for his team to be well positioned in January.
“There’s a lot at stake, obviously,” Roethlisberger said of the game against the Patriots. “It’s a great game, but it’s a regular season, but with many implications for the future.”
To get that third Super Bowl title, Roethlisberger must overcome the player who has dominated his team’s defense. Brady has shattered the defensive Steelers with 22 touchdowns and six wins in his last seven meetings.
However, last month, it is Roethlisberger who has wrecked the league by throwing for 1,446 yards, 12 touchdowns and suffering only three interceptions in the last four games, to eclipse Brady’s production of 1,058 yards, eight touchdowns and four interceptions in that lapse.
The offensive without meeting has made Roethlisberger release with shipments that had previously failed and that this year are like lasers.
The players who usually make spectacular plays in the Steelers see that Roethlisberger’s arm is on fire and they feed on it.
“Ben is on fire. And we all eat, “said receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster.
Coach Mike Tomlin expects this exactly from his quarterback, noting that the Seelers never panicked when the numbers were not impressive. In a season of 16 games, “it reveals who you really are,” explains Tomlin.
The feeling helps explain why Roethlisberger ranks eighth in passing yards, ninth in touchdowns and why he has never had a losing season, while being, along with Brady and Peyton Manning, the only starting quarterback with 10 or more years of experience since 2004.
Manning was 39 years old when he retired and Brady may wait until he is 45. Roethlisberger is a different case. He really seemed ready to say goodbye at the end of last season, after the Steelers fell 36-17 against the Patriots in the AFC Championship Game, and joked with retirement on their weekly radio show until eventually committing to play its season 14.

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