Some teams have managed to get players at a price that they themselves did not expect in full madness of the NFL market.

In full madness of the free agency of the NFL, some teams have managed to make bargains at unthinkable prices. These are the five cases that most appeal to me:

Drew Brees, QB, New Orleans Saints

This article can not start with another person or with another contract. Drew Brees will have his 39 years on top, but remains absolute elite of the supreme position of this league.
So staying with 27 million dollars guaranteed in a two-year contract and a maximum of 50 million dollars is an absolute bargain. In fact, he rejected a lot more money from the Minnesota Vikings. More even than what they ended up giving to Kirk Cousins, something that has all the logic of the world because they are two quarterbacks of different leagues. And that is not debatable.
So Brees has done the Saints one last favor with this contract. That leads them to be strengthened with the signings of Demario Davis or Patrick Robinson for the defense, and aspire to the ring.

Tyrann Mathieu, S, Houston Texans

One year and only seven million dollars. It seems like a joke for the Honey Badger.
However, it makes all the sense in the world if we look at what the player wants to show the league that the injuries have not taken away the ability to be stellar in the NFL. If he succeeds, if he plays well since the beginning of the year, it is not possible at all to see him signing a gigantic extension back in October or November. Or that passes from it and return to free agency with a much higher negotiating capacity.
What is certain is that the Texans hardly risk anything for the potential of a differential player.

Sheldon Richardson, DT, Minnesota Vikings

The same can be said of the Minnesota Vikings and Sheldon Richardson. A single year and eight million dollars. Therefore, we are facing another case of very low risk and enormous potential. Both for the team … and for the player, who knows he has this season to prove to the NFL that he is the same defensive tackle that looked like a perennial candidate to be Pro Bowler when he played in the New York Jets.

Dion Lewis, RB, Tennessee Titans

The running backs market is scarce, I know, but that the Titans have taken Lewis for $ 5.75 million guaranteed is a triumph for management.
Lewis may reach 20 million in four years, which is little for the potential he has shown. Certainly with dropper, but in this free agency there have been runners with a lot less level that have made more cash.
In addition, will come to accompany Derrick Henry, who will be the real workhorse and the blows of the hard downs, while he will be used in schemes more open, more agile, with the intention of being part of the new option that Mike Vrabel intends to install. Barbaro this signing for the Titans.

Michael Crabtree, WR, Baltimore Ravens

Crabtree has taken 21 million for three years, with 11 million guaranteed. All of them lower numbers than the rest of the signings of receivers in free agency. But including the cases of Albert Wilson or Marqise Lee.
It’s more: it’s the money, the insured and the duration that the Ravens themselves were going to give to Ryan Grant who, surprisingly, did not pass the physical with the team just as the Raiders cut Crabtree …
The ex of Oakland is 30 years old, yes, and some numbers per year that are slightly less the same as those of all those previously mentioned … together.



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