With the combination of errors and successes, the great stories are written in all sports. American football is not the exception.
Today I would like to emphasize in particular the mistakes that were made in the NFL Divisional Round games. I do not do it with the aim of highlighting the negative side of the game, but because of what it implies in terms of wasting team opportunities that at least, on paper, were favorites.

Hard to believe that a team has twice won at home to the Pittsburgh Steelers. It seems that the “black and gold” did not learn anything of their stumble in Week 5.
I really assumed that the defeat suffered by Pittsburgh on that occasion would serve to take note and not make the same mistakes. Unfortunately, it was not like that.
Mike Tomlin leads a coaching staff that seems to find a perverse taste for living in the eye of the hurricane.
This Sunday, Tomlin sent his team to play it on two occasions in 4th and short and later trying a short kick where they could not get the ball back but left the Jacksonville Jaguars in midfield. After getting some yards, they tried a long field that made the difference.
Release James Harrison – and leave almost to his fate for many years on the defensive – also credit him in the column where he says deficit.
The handling of the clock has never been his and his mistakes have cost parties, this time, perhaps, the championship.
Mention also for the hobby that is presumed as one of the most passionate and committed to your team and that from the third quarter began to boo. The stadium began to empty before finishing the last quarter. Strike for them

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