The Cleveland Browns left tackle set up a real comedy show in his farewell and even the Cavaliers star honored him.

Yesterday was Joe Thomas’ day in Cleveland. The legendary player of the Browns has said goodbye to professional competition and the city has turned to pay tribute to him. It is not for less, because he is one of the best ones who have dressed the team’s shirt since its rebirth. Actually, it is the best. No more The Cavaliers, the Cleveland NBA team (yes, I know you did not need this clarification) wanted to pay tribute to him, and LeBron James himself went to pay his respects:

LeBron said that Joe Thomas is a Cleveland legend, and that’s why he went to hug him. That every Sunday of the last decade the only certainty with the Browns was the left tackle, and that he was going to be in each play, being the best on the field. Is not wrong.

Joe Thomas had already been a great protagonist before. In the farewell press conference he showed, as always, that his sense of humor is at the height of his game, and he reminded everyone because in his future he appears, resplendent, a job as an analyst on television, because such a character He can not disappear from the NFL.

He threw in irony to laugh at some of the most embarrassing moments of the Cleveland Browns during his career. And there have been few. Thus, their former general managers, Ray Farmer and Sashi Brown, their colleagues, such as Brandon Weeden or Robert Griffin III, or their coaches, among them Hue Jackson, received their taunts. From them he took some of the worst decisions of the franchise and turned them into farewell jokes, being part of them and eliminating the negative burden they could have in an individual race that has been colossal, but in the aspect of the victories of team has been catastrophic.

Joe Thomas, as Jimmy Haslam has said, owner of the franchise, is a sure Hall of Famer, and the city of Cleveland will not forget him because, for a long time, it has been the only brilliance that they have been able to see in a football field. . Even LeBron James pays him respect for it.


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