When the NFC East and the AFC East are in a Super Bowl, usually the teams of that division of the American Conference tremble.
The victory of the Philadelphia Eagles over the New England Patriots in the LII edition of the game for the NFL title extended the dominance that the NFC East franchises have to put the mark in 9-2 on teams from the same region in the AFC
he Patriots have lost three consecutive Super Bowls to NFC East teams in XLII, XLVI and LII, after beating the Eagles at Super Bowl XXXIX in Jacksonville.
At that time, the Patriots’ victory over the Eagles was the second that an AFC East team got in the Super Bowl over an NFC East rival, since the Miami Dolphins consummated their perfect season in January 1973, after beat the Washington Redskins 14-7.
After the victory of the Dolphins, teams of the AFC East and NFC East did not return to measure themselves in the game for the NFL title until 10 seasons later and with the same players. The Redskins took revenge and beat Miami in Super Bowl XVII.
That was the first of a five-game losing streak in the AFC East in the Super Bowl against their NFC East counterparts, the last four, suffered by the Buffalo Bills against the New York Giants, the Dallas Cowboys twice and Redskins.
The Patriots broke the losing streak against the Eagles, but two setbacks against the Giants and the Eagles in the Super Bowl LII indicate that the NFC East has customers to the AFC East teams when it comes to contesting the Vince Lombardi Trophy.
Generally speaking, the NFC has the advantage in the Super Bowl series over the AFC by 27-25.

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