Completing the process when the player makes contact with the turf and the movement of the ball are aspects that will disappear.

Fans of the NFL, it seems that finally the change that everyone had asked for is near.
Yes, the Competition Committee of the league has a very advanced proposal to simplify the rule of reception, which has caused so much confusion and discomfort in recent years.
It is not complicated what the Committee intends: that the NFL take a step back to advance in that rule, according to a report by The Washington Post.
The idea is to abolish the fact that a player maintains control of the ball when it makes contact with the turf and therefore that the ball moves, which, until last season, was considered as an incomplete pass.
However, the instant replay will continue to be used to check whether a pass is complete or not.
“We look back. We saw the plays and said, ‘Do you want that to be a reception?’ And then we apply that to the rule, “Troy Vincent, NFL’s Vice President of Operations, told The Washington Post.
One of the plays they reviewed was that of the end of the game between Patriots and Steelers, on December 17 at Heinz Field.
Ben Roethlisberger connected with Jesse James and Pittsburgh’s tight end apparently crossed the plane from the diagonals, 28 seconds into the end of the game.
It seemed that the Steelers finally ended with the paternity of the Patriots. And not only that. That triumph gave them the lead in the race for the best seed in the AFC to play the entire postseason at home.
But when James made contact with the grass, the ball moved slightly, and therefore the officials-after the corresponding review-decreed incomplete pass.
“A slight movement of the ball, it seems that we are going to reverse that. [Complete the reception process] when going to the ground, it seems that it will be eliminated, “added Vincent. “And we will go back to the old standard of reversing the call of officials in the field only when it is indisputable.”
“In recent days, the NFL’s Competition Committee has been reviewing the reception process. The first two elements are control and both feet inside the field. Other elements are also under consideration, “Al Riveron, Senior Vice President of Officials, posted on his Twitter account.
Will this end with the controversy? Of course not, but at least it seems that there will be more clarity in the rule: if a receiver has control of the ball and both feet are inside the field, the pass is complete.
Sounds good. It sounds like something we already knew.
The proposed rule could be ready this Tuesday and will be presented for approval to team owners at the annual NFL meeting, which begins on Sunday.


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