If history serves as a guide, perhaps the Jacksonville Jaguars would have liked to reach the Playoffs in a slightly more unfavorable position than the AFC’s third seed.
The Jaguars, who at the start of the current campaign were not considered favorites to reach the Playoffs, not even to have a winning record, are in an unlikely race that has them to a triumph of reaching the Super Bowl.

To achieve this, the Jaguars only have to overcome a New England Patriots that are in their seventh consecutive AFC Championship Game after finishing with the best record in the AFC and therefore, reaching the Playoffs with the first seed in the conference. .
The Jaguars qualified Post-season with the third seed and reached the AFC Final after beating the team with the second seed, the Pittsburgh Steelers.
Since 1990, when the current Playoff format was established, 10 teams have reached the Super Bowl after eliminating the first and second seeds in their conference, but only one has achieved it with the third seed, the 2003 Carolina Panthers after overtaking the St. Louis Rams and the Philadelphia Eagles.

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