New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady said Saturday he sees no difference in the work environment between him, coach Bill Belichick and his teammates, heading into the playoffs.
“I see it like in the last 18 years: we’re all here to do a job and that’s going to the field and doing the best we can to help the team win,” Brady said in his weekly interview at Westwood One, that aired at halftime of the AFC wild card game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tennessee Titans. “That has been very consistent here, it has been a great reason why our team has been so successful and I do not see anything different happening this week.”
On Friday, ESPN published a detailed story about the tension that exists within the organization, specifically with Brady, Belichick and owner Robert Kraft.
Asked if there is a different kind of tension occurring this week, Brady said: “I do not think so, I think that in many ways, the adversity that our team has faced over the years has only made us stronger. Things are a great opportunity, and we have a great opportunity as a team.
“We have worked very hard to place ourselves in this place, to be 13-3, to have the first place in the classification, to have the rest which is something very difficult to achieve, so let go of any of these things and distract us from everything. what we have achieved, not taking advantage of this opportunity, would be very unfortunate for us. ”
Brady was questioned about whether he thinks there is a chance the Patriots will fracture.
“I do not believe it, only if we allow it,” he said. “We have proven for a long time that we ignore noise, do our job, speak for ourselves and focus on what we need to help the team win.”
Brady said he has spent the last two days as a family and is excited to know who the Patriots will receive next Sunday in the AFC divisional round. Recognize being attentive to the latest media reports. On whether they can be a distraction, Brady said: “With victories and great successes come many things, I think we have done a great job for a long time winning games and that forces people to be creative with what they say, esribe and the things he speculates in. Analyzing moves does not attract the attention that some of those other things do.

So I speculate about relationships or my feelings with the team and the organization, players and coaches … I can only speak for myself, and really, my relationships with all the people I’m involved with, I feel, are very positive Thinking about anything else does not make sense, I like the fact that we are where we are as a team, I need my attention and energy to be where it is needed, what is the great game of the year. that is going to be a great goal for our team this week. ”
Brady was specifically questioned about his relationship with Kraft and Belichick, with Jim Gray of Westwood One, calling him “an owner who treats you like a fifth child” and Belichick “a coach genius who has won five Super Bowls with you, who would like to get rid of a player one or two years earlier instead of two a year or two later. ”


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